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Dear Board of Directors, Members, Sponsors, and Contributors,

The year 2018 was very good for the Stewart County Historical Commission {SCHC). We now own eight structures in the Downtown Lumpkin Commercial Historic District. The properties are on all four sides of the City Courthouse  Square. The newest additions received in 2018 were the 1910 Mathis General Store/Car Wash lot, which is contiguous  to the 1907 County Jail, and the 1893 City Library/Old Theater Building, which is adjacent to the Singer Company/Humber building complex.

We greatly appreciate everyone who was involved with the SCHC for this year. Our annual Fair on the Square/ Bicycle Ride event which is held every year on the third Saturday of October netted in excess of $10,000 after all expenses. Our basic operating expenses for a year average between $10,000 to $12,000.  A good Fair/Bike Ride each year takes care of our Basic Operating Expenses! After taking care of this, all additional Income/ Contributions are applied 100% to our Restoration/Preservation projects.

Our Five Year Plan has a goal of having all of our properties being in a restored and completed  state for Occupancy to include Commercial Rental, Touring, and Commission self operations. The following is a list of Restoration/Preservation projects with the financial needs listed in order to meet our Five Year Plan.

1. The 1894 Singer Company two building complex: 7,000 sq. ft. The Singer buildings are the primary focus of the SCHC's overarching plan. We feel that these buildings naturally  are Lumpkin and Stewart County's focal point. When restored, the two buildings will become a Welcome Center, a retail store selling locally grown foods and local crafts, a restaurant, a local history museum and archives, bicyclist rest station, and perhaps the office of a chamber of commerce. Phase  1: Consists of total exterior restoration, including 16 original windows and partial interior restoration with two (Men and Women  ADA compliant bathrooms). Phase I is estimated at a $90,000 cost, and these funds are currently on hand and ready for disbursement as the work progresses. The funds consist of Singer Family contributions of 45% and SCHC preservation account funds of 55%.  Phase II: Consists of completion of all Interior work, central heat and air, and new roof on the Humber Building.  Estimated cost is $135,000. Phase II is not funded. Financial need is $135.000.

2. The 1893 Old City Library/Theatre  building: Owned originally  by the Singer and Fort families, this building will become a commercial building. 1,700 sq. ft. This building can either be retail or connected  to the Humber building for additional space. Restoration consists of new roof and decking replacement, restore front woodwork, reinstall rear exterior twenty foot awning, renovate interior and install new central heat and air system. Estimated cost is $125,000. This project is unfunded. Financial need is $125,000.

3. The 1892 Dr. Hatchett's Drugstore Museum: 1,700 sq. ft. This building is already one of the

great museums of Georgia. It houses one of the most complete  historical drug-store  collections in

America. Restoration consists of new central heat and air system, repaint front of building, recondition bathroom, repaint interior, secure rear double door system. Estimated cost is $30,000. This project is unfunded. Financial need is $30,000.

4.  The 1836 Bedingfield Stagecoach Inn: Complete existing exterior painting process, replace exterior shutters, and increase exterior lighting, and restore formal garden area. Estimated cost is $35,000. This project is unfunded. Financial need is $35,000.

5.  The 1848 Lynch Dog-Run Log Cabin: This building could be made into office space or additional museum space. Minor roof repair, re-chink exterior log joints, and restore four windows. Estimated cost is $10,000. This project is unfunded. Financial need is $10,000.

6.  The 1907 Old Stewart County Jail, (headquarters for the annual Bicycle Ride activities and the Start and Finish point for the New Carter Butts Memorial Bike Trail: Approved by the State of Georgia Department of Transportation): Renovate the remaining rooms in the living area of the front (upstairs and downstairs) of the Jail, remove the modern addition on the west side of the Jail, repair roof, and new electrical service. Estimated cost is $60,000. This project is unfunded. Financial need is $60,000.

7.  The 1910 Mathis General Store: (Contiguous to the Jail Building Lot) this is a wooden structure which has strong commercial retail potential. Reinstall front porch to original, reinstall rear steps & awning cover, install electrical service with receptacles and lighting, basic required carpentry work on interior. Estimated cost is $25,000.This project is unfunded. Financial need is $25,000.

The total estimated cost for all of the Five Year Plan restorations is $510,000. We have Phase I of the Singer Company project funds in the amount of $90,000 in the Preservation Fund. This leaves an unfunded balance in the amount of $420,000 for the Five Year Plan.

Finally, we want to call attention to the quality and importance of the Carter Butts Memorial Bicycle Ride and Trail. We will soon be installing signage along the routes,creating a major health and recreation resource here in the county. Cyclists from far and wide have already experienced the trail repeatedly. We will soon be drawing more local bicyclists to use it as well.

The Historical Commission greatly appreciates your participation in our vision for the Downtown Lumpkin Commercial Historic District. Our vision and mission is to revitalize the Historic Commercial District using our seven properties has an example and catalyst for the Community. We solicit your continued support in both time and material and look forward to your interest and support.